90% of GLOBED students find jobs in the first year after graduation

According to a survey administered in December 2022, 90% of GLOBED graduates found a relevant job or enrolled in a PhD programme in the field of Education and Development during the first year after graduation. The survey respondents, students graduated in 2021 and 2022, not only were able to find a job in a related … Continued

The University of Cyprus holds the first Winter School on site

The University of Cyprus could finally welcome the GLOBED Winter School, after two editions of online and hybrid events due to the pandemic. The event, this time framed under the title Empires of knowledge in education? Postcolonial patterns and decolonial possibilities, is one of the peaks of the programme, where a lot of learning, reflections … Continued

The GLOBED Edition 8 call for applications is now open

Students interested in pursuing the GLOBED master’s degree along the 2023 to 2025 academic years can already submit their application through the UAB platform. If this is the first time that you apply for graduate or ungraduated studies at this University, you will have to create an account first (NIU). For those who already have … Continued

GLOBED will run the next intakes without Erasmus+ funding

After two rounds of funding from the European Commission, the GLOBED Consortium has decided to continue providing the master’s studies outside the Erasmus+ framework. So far, the programme has been awarded an Erasmus+ grant by the European Commission for the periods 2014-2019 and 2018-2024. This translates into five editions of alumni having already completed their … Continued

Cohort 5 Graduation Ceremony. Paraphrasing Ana Raquel and Oumaima

Ana Raquel Fuentes and Oumaima el Ghoulbzouri were responsible for putting into words what the past two years had meant not only for them, but for the 24 students of the fifth cohort. The Edition 5 Globed Graduation Ceremony took place on the 9th of September 2022, in Barcelona, and below there is a small, … Continued

Cohort 5 Fieldwork Snapshots

GLOBED students spend several months conducting research in their country of choice. Let’s follow along with José Carlos, Arianna and Nimra to find out more about their fieldwork experiences. José Carlos Reaño fieldwork consists of semi-structured interviews with teachers and principals in schools in different regions in Peru. His goal is to find out about … Continued

GLOBED receives more than 800 applications for its 7th edition

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree in Education Policies for Global Development (GLOBED) has received a total of 812 applications of students interested in joining the Edition 7 (2022/24) with scholarship. This is the highest number of applications ever received since the beginning of the programme in 2015. The last highest figure until today was … Continued

The Winter School 2022 moves from Cyprus to Barcelona

Like almost everything you organise in advance since the outbreak of the pandemic, designing the last Winter School was also not an easy thing to do. Although the initial idea was travelling to Cyprus, both the government and the university did not recommend travelling there by the end of February 2022. However, the situation was … Continued

GLOBED hosts its first intergenerational career workshop

On Friday 17th December, the first intergenerational career workshop took place, bringing together students and alumni since the very first edition and until the newest one. In total, around 40 students between the Edition 1 (2015/17) and 6 (2021/23) attended the online meeting on Zoom. Since this was the very first time that the six … Continued

The next call for applications will start in February 2022

Due to technical problems resulting from the cyber attack on UAB servers, the current GLOBED call for applications is still closed. In January 2022, the applications’ system is yet out of order, thus the call for applications for Erasmus Mundus scholarship candidates has been further postponed, and will be eventually from the 1st of February … Continued

Trip to Girona with the new cohort

The 23 students from the 6th cohort went on a trip to Girona, in the north of Catalonia, as part of the Welcome Week. The trip made possible to get to know the colleagues better and explore a city steeped in history, legends —and TV shows. An enthusiastic tour guide from AGT International walked with … Continued

Globed Graduation Speech 2021

Bona tarda, good afternoon (dean, students, families and friends, colleagues from the Fac of Pol Sc and Sociology). Welcome to this graduation ceremony, a ceremony that is more important than ever and that, as we will try to argue in this speech, has acquired new symbolism and meaning in the context of the ongoing health … Continued

Defying the Odds in Rural Colombia? A podcast by Daniela Hernández Silva

  Daniela Hernández Silva, student of GLOBED fourth cohort, was one of the four winners at FreshEd Flux, a series where graduate students turn their research interests into narrative-based podcasts. In the first episode of Flux, “Defying the Odds in Rural Colombia?”, Daniela takes listeners on a journey to a faraway place in the Colombian … Continued

Fifth cohort students send postcards from Glasgow and Bremen

The spring days seem to be here to stay, also in Glasgow and Bremen. The academic paths in the UK and in Germany are very different though, and while the students at the University of Glasgow finish their commitments by May, those students who have chosen the University of Bremen for the courses of the … Continued

The Online Winter School brings 4th cohort students together again

Whereas along the first year of the GLOBED programme students usually live in the same city and study the same courses at the same university, the second year is more focused on individual research and analysis. That is why one of the greatest moments of the second year of the programme is the Winter School. … Continued

More than 480 applications received for the edition 2021-2023

The call for Erasmus Mundus scholarships to join Globed Edition VI (2021 – 2023) has closed on the 15th of February 2021. For two months and a half, 482 students have sent their applications to the Globed Secretariat through the application portal of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This means an increase of 32% considering … Continued