Cohort 5 Fieldwork Snapshots

GLOBED students spend several months conducting research in their country of choice. Let’s follow along with José Carlos, Arianna and Nimra to find out more about their fieldwork experiences.

José Carlos Reaño fieldwork consists of semi-structured interviews with teachers and principals in schools in different regions in Peru. His goal is to find out about their perceptions and experiences regarding an incentive policy called Bono Escuela that began in 2014.

The photo below shows a school of of La Jalca of the Chachapoyas province in the Amazonas region. To get here, he had to take a 36-hours bus ride from the capital city of Peru, Lima. He has been doing interviews with teachers in the cities of Ayacucho and Lima, online because of the pandemic.


For her master’s dissertation, Arianna Valentini is researching the Distance Education experience of secondary school students from rural and vulnerable peri-urban communities in Peru.

Her aim is to understand in what ways they accessed learning throughout school closures, how they felt learning in this way and whether this experience has had an impact in how they perceive the future of their education.

During her fieldwork, she has conducted focus groups and interviews with secundary school students in the regions of Patacancha, within the Andes, and Villa María del Triunfo, in southern Lima.


Finally, Nimra Azfal is researching the politicisation of national curriculum in Pakistan. Her aim is to trace its mutation from a policy level to a classroom level, and how it impacts children’s political socialisation.

She conducted a policy objective analysis, classroom observations and focus group discussions. This work helped her to understand the complexities of curriculum policies denominated by the state and the region.