Finance globed

Each year, 25 students join our programme, either receiving the Erasmus+ scholarship or as self-funding students.


Erasmus+ Scholarships

The Globed Consortium will grant 15* Erasmus+ Scholarships for each edition (2019/2021, 2020/2022, 2021/2023 and 2022/2024). Plus, 3 more scholarships for ENI South country students will be allocated along this period.






-Candidates cannot receive an EMJMD scholarship for the second time, nor can currently enjoy any other parallel European Union Funding.
-For Editions IV, V, VI and VII (2019-2024), a total of three (3) scholarships will be given to students coming from ENI South countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.
-A minimum of 75% of the Grants must be allocated to Partner Country students.
-Partner Country Students who have lived or carried out their main activities (studies, work…) in a Programme Country for more than 12 months in the past 5 years will be considered as a Programme Country student.
-A maximum of 3 Grants will be allocated to students from the same country.
-Students with more than one nationality must state with its applications under which one are willing to apply.

*Grant will be temporarily stopped for those students willing to do their internship or fieldwork at their home country.
**Grant will be temporarily stopped for those Partner Country students willing to stay for more than 3 months (internship + fieldwork) in a Partner Country.


Self-funded students

The Globed Consortium will grant 10 seats to self-funding students for each edition.


It includes complete insurance covering all requirements set by Educational and Culture European Agency, including worldwide coverage during 24 months.


Erasmus+ Master Loan

Now, with the Erasmus+ Master’s Degree Loan, it’s easier than ever to study for a Master’s Degree in a European University.

Whatever your age and income, you can apply to the loan without security of any kind. And best of all: you will start repaying it a year after you finish your studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the maximum amount I can ask for it?

Can I ask for a smaller amount if I don’t need the maximum amount of 18.000€?

Do I need any security?

When I have to repay the loan?
The maximum grace period is 42 months for master’s degrees longer than 1 year.

Who can apply?
Residents in any of the EU State Members (28) + its Associate State Members (Iceland, Turkey, Norway and the FYR of Macedonia).

Can I finance a master’s degree in the Erasmus Mundus programme?
Yes, as long as you live in Spain.

Are there interest rates?
Yes, 5.50% annual, fixed throughout the term of the loan.

For more information, please visit Microbank website.

Other scholarship

We encourage self-funding students to check all the available scholarships in their origin countries before their departure. Below you can find some possibilities that may be of your interest.

CONICYT (National Council of Science and Technology, Chile) Chile 40.000 € Chilean citizens +
MoE Scholarship Taiwan 12.000 € Taiwanese citizens +
Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado Latin America 1.200 € Latin American +
AGAUR Spain - EU citizens +
European Traineeships EU Internship related Everybody +
Fundació Autònoma Voluntària Spain Fieldwork related Everybody +
Santander Spain - Everybody +

Health insurance

The GLOBED M.A. students are provided with worldwide travel insurance by the insurance broker Dr-Walter. The validity of this insurance plan begins 2 months prior to the official start date of the program and until the end of it.

For more information about the General Conditions of Dr-Walter, click here. If you have questions about the insurance you can contact Dr-Walter by email to In case of emergency situations when assistance is needed immediately, please contact +49 (0) 89 55 987 -641.

The insurance payment is included in the Scholarship for those students granted with an Erasmus+ Scholarship; and included in the participation fees for self-funding students, so no extra payment is required for any student.