90% of GLOBED students find jobs in the first year after graduation

According to a survey administered in December 2022, 90% of GLOBED graduates found a relevant job or enrolled in a PhD programme in the field of Education and Development during the first year after graduation. The survey respondents, students graduated in 2021 and 2022, not only were able to find a job in a related field, but have been able to access to it so quickly (80% of them found a job within 6 months after completing the Master). What is more, 37% of those that found a job secured their position before finishing their studies, and 17% immediately after their graduation.

Since you graduated in September 2021 or 2022, how long did it take to find a job/PhD after the programme?

These results are aligned with the previous employment survey (July 2020), administrated to students graduated in 2017, 2018 and 2019. That poll revealed that  85% of students found a relevant job or enrolled in a PhD programme during the first year after completing their studies (77% within the first 6 months).

Another evidence extracted from the last survey is the level of satisfaction with the workplace: most graduates (78%) agree or strongly agree with the sentence I love my current job. Finally, 83% of students remark that the GLOBED programme has been determinant to work on Education and Development, while 92% would recommend the programme to someone with similar interests and career goals.

What Associate Partners say

In the second year of the GLOBED programme, an internship period enables students to immerse themselves in the world of work. Internships are chosen from a high number of Associate Partners and opportunities that appear in the yearly updated Internship Catalogue, including international organisations such as UNESCO; INGOs such as Education International; or research centers, such as SUMMA.

The rapid integration of GLOBED graduates into the labour market and PhD programmes is probably the clearest evidence of how successful GLOBED is in generating the right skills that the field requires. Employers in the education sector highly value research skills that can be applied to problem resolution, especially when it comes to developing policy analyses and policy evaluation.

By establishing stable links with the most significant stakeholders in the field, GLOBED has become a leading reference programme in the sector. There is no other master programme in the field of education and international development that has developed such a strong collaboration with so many partners and future employers.

Students networking

GLOBED organises career workshops every year to prepare second-year students for their professional life after the programme. Alumni from different regions and sectors are invited to explain and discuss about the career choices that are in greatest demand and interest among students.

GLOBED students and alumni are currently employed in organizations such as several UNESCO delegations, the International Organisation for Migration-IOM, the World Bank, Education International, GIZ (National German development agency), UNICEF, UNHCR, or carry out research activities in different prestigious universities.

Students interested in joining the next cohort of students can send their application until 15 May at 23:59 CET. The new edition will run from September 2023 to September 2025 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, at the University of Glasgow and at the University of Cyprus.