Ronald Sultana: In memoriam

We have received the disheartening news of the unexpected passing of our esteemed colleague and former GLOBED lecturer, Professor Ronald Sultana, with profound sadness and surprise, leaving us devastated. We received the unexpected news of his untimely departure on Friday, November 24. He was a professor of educational sociology and comparative education at the University of Malta. Recognized as one of Malta’s most eminent scholars in sociology and a leading figure in educational sociology across the Mediterranean, Sultana was the founding editor of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies and received various awards, including an honorary doctorate from the Université Laval in Québec, Canada. Professor Sultana wrote or edited around 40 volumes, and published more than 120 articles and chapters in journals or books. He was chosen as an advisor for various international agencies and organisations, including UNESCO, UNICEF, GIZ, the Commonwealth Secretariat as well as the European Union and various education agencies.

Ronald played a pivotal role as an active member of the GLOBED project since its inception. In 2012, he became a founding member of the international consortium responsible for designing the inaugural GLOBED curriculum, supported by an Erasmus Curriculum Development grant. His invaluable input was indispensable in facilitating the award and accreditation of the master’s degree within the Erasmus Joint Master Degrees framework, turning it into a tangible reality by 2015.As representative of the University of Malta, Ronald contributed actively to construct the current GLOBED vision and mission. His brilliant mind and his personal commitment towards social justice and equity, combined with his extreme generosity, became a treasure for the program. He brilliantly organized three consecutive Summer Schools in Malta. Ronald designed amazing programmes, merging lectures with cultural and social activities to know his beloved island. Through his eyes and spirit, we learnt about the history of Malta, but also about friendship, conviviality and commitment to social justice.

This is a terrible, unexpected and unbearable loss for the GLOBED family. The best thing we can do to honor his name and personal commitment is to carry on with our programme, and continue his mastery and passion for the field of critical education and development. Our thoughts are with his wife Rosaline, his sons Samuel and Daniel and all his relatives and friends.