Statement on Palestine

In the past three months, we all have borne witness to the genocide perpetrated by the apartheid state of Israel. It is a grim reality that Palestinians have endured over 75 years of brutal occupation. We strictly denounce the relentless atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, encompassing evil war crimes and a complete disregard for humanity. Cloaked under the guise of self-defense, Israel’s atrocious acts of violence spare no one: children, infants, women, men, and the elderly. Every Palestinian has been a primary target. The Israeli forces have also expanded their aggression to include journalists and humanitarian workers, heightening an already dire situation. The blockade on essential resources including food, water, electricity, and humanitarian aid has plunged Gaza into thirst, hunger, and cold, resulting in ruthless and unconscionable loss of life.

In that context, we firmly condemn Israel’s deliberate targeting of schools, hospitals, houses, and other civilian facilities. We strongly oppose the ongoing illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing. We call for an immediate and lasting ceasefire in Gaza, and a commitment to ensuring the security and protection of every civilian residing in Gaza and the West Bank.

“Nobody is free until everyone is free”, said Fannie Lou Hamer. Our solidarity with the Palestinian people is a steadfast affirmation of this quote. We advocate strongly for the right of Palestinians to self-determination. In this critical moment, your voice is a powerful tool against injustice. We strongly believe that the collective power of voices can make impactful change.


Ways to help!

The roots of today’s Gaza’s occupation and genocide are profound, and its resolution would require the coordination and implication of the relevant political actors as well as the determination and implementation of the international law. Nevertheless, we would greatly appreciate your support in raising awareness about the ongoing events in Gaza. Please consider sharing information and content related to the atrocities through your social media platforms. We recommend the following accounts to help you stay informed.

You can also demand ceasefire to end civilian suffering through Amnesty International. And, if possible, please contribute by supporting individuals in Gaza by making donations for emergency relief and humanitarian assistance. Your economic support can make a meaningful difference in addressing the urgent needs of the affected population.


The statement has been written by Amira Elmasry and Sabrine Ben Amor (E7) and subscribed by the GLOBED programme