Helen Phtiaka

Graduate of the University of Athens, (B.A. in History and Archaeology), University of Stirling, (M.Sc. in Psychology) and the University of Cambridge (PhD in Sociology of Education), supported by National Scholarships. She worked as a Research Fellow at the Universities of Cambridge, London and Warwick. She is a funding member of the University of Cyprus where she works since 1992. In 2008 was elected Associate Dean for the School of Social and Educational Sciences, a post she still holds today. Her research and teaching in School Diversity and Inclusive Education has broken new ground in the area and has set the relevant educational policy and research agenda in Cyprus for the last 20 years. Her former students hold significant posts in the area of research and teaching of Special and Inclusive Education in Cyprus and abroad.

Her research interests are: Inclusive Education and Society, Equal Opportunities, History, Philosophy, Legislation and Policy of Special and Inclusive Education, Home-School Relations, Qualitative Methodology.