Marisol Tarriba

From Mexico

Marisol Tarriba has recently completed a Master’s degree in Educational Policies for Global Development (GLOBED), with a thesis on the teaching experiences of professors working in Mexico City’s prison facilities. Previously, she worked as a communicator in environmental and human rights civil society organisations in Mexico. Currently, she is working as an IT support coordinator for Eicascantic, a community-based NGO in the centre of Barcelona, focused on social inclusion through education, mainly teaching Spanish and Catalan, as well as computer skills. In particular, her work addresses the issue of social exclusion caused by digitalisation, specifically in Barcelona’s migrant populations. She supports people who need to carry out some kind of digital procedure, such as requesting social assistance or obtaining a document, and who are unable to do so because they do not have sufficient computer, bureaucratic or language skills or resources.

Master Thesis: A phenomenological study of teachers’ experiences on face-to-face higher education courses in Mexico city’s prisons

Internship Placement: Centre for Research and Intervention in Education (CIIE) of the University of Porto