Leonard Boe

From Norway

Leo Boe has worked at the heart of international higher education policy and practice as an intercultural trainer, a researcher, a technical expert and as an international development consultant for the UN, the UK government and UK universities. Leo has worked at the forefront of education innovation including on refugee education ecosystems, labour migration, university approaches to building meaningful capacity building partnerships, national education strategy development, the role of education as a soft power tool and how education technology can accelerate learning and reskilling. Leo is an economic and investment strategy consultant at PA Consulting and currently manages the £80m Skills for Prosperity programme on behalf of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. Leo’s geographic expertise includes: Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Kenya, the UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India and the UAE.

Master Thesis: Navigating and renegotiating self and purpose from the periphery: How the ambitions and aspirations of displaced Burmese youth are shaped by education in borderlands

Internship Placement: IOM Burma